valuation methods

Book Value
The fair market value of your company's assets less liabilities
Capitalized Earnings
The company's average adjusted historical earnings divided by the calculated discount rate
Discounted Future Earnings
The net present value of the company's projected future earnings are divided by the calculated discount rate

Maximizing the value of your business is part art and part science

Typically the highest value for your company will result when the valuation is based on its future earnings potential.

If your business has a bright future the buyer will typically be willing to attribute more value to the company based on its future earnings even though those earnings have not yet been realized. BIZ-NET will conduct in-depth market research to determine the future potential of your company. BIZ-NET will assist you with creating financial projections indicating proforma operating income and expense forecast 5 years forward.

Net present value of future cash flows is determined.

Determining the net present value of future cash flows is a complicated mathematical process. Additionally, the credibility of the projected cash flows hinge on the quality of the supporting market research and accompanying data. BIZ-NET excells at assembling credible market research that will aide in supporting your cash flow projections. The result is a value that can be trusted.

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